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Pet Rain Jacket with Hood - Blue, Red, Yellow and Camo

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Pet Rain Jacket with Hood 

Waterproof Pet Raincoat with Hood - Keep your dog dry when it’s raining cats and…. well, you know. This adorable pet raincoat is durable and waterproof – perfect for the pooch who prefers to not smell like wet dog! Hood fits comfortably over the ears to keep the weather off and the warmth in. Features a layer of mesh fabric for comfy ventilation. Choose from Blue, Red, Yellow or Camouflage.


Actual Dimensions:
Small     Length 10   Girth 14   Neck 13
Medium   Length 11   Girth 16.5   Neck 14
Large        Length 12   Girth 17.5   Neck 17
XLarge  Length 15   Girth 18    Neck 18