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Silicone Reusable Food Storage Bags 4 Pk

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Non-toxic, odor-free, eco-friendly; a healthy alternative to plastic storage bags and containers
Durable and reusable, it can be used for thousands of times
Safely used in microwave oven, refrigerator, toaster, steamer, boiling water and freezer
Each food bag seals both solids and liquids airtight with a sealer stick; prevent spills and leaks, keeping your food fresh for longer
Also locks air and moisture out to prevent your food from going stale
Ideal for storing any solids and liquids like fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, beverages and more
Great for taking snacks and sandwiches to work, school, camping trips or picnics; also available in home kitchen, refrigerator and freezer
Very easy to clean, wash it by hand or put it in a dishwasher; dishwasher safe
Want to keep daily food organized and fresh? This Silicone Food Preservation Storage Bag would be the perfect choice! Made of food grade silicone, eco-friendly, hygienic and totally safe for you and your family. A sealer stick allows you to store both solids and liquids well without spilling.

Material: Silicone