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Backseat Foldable Drink Holder Car Dining Tray

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Backseat Foldable Drink Holder Dining Tray

 Give your backseat passengers a space to call their own with this backseat foldable drink holder/dining tray.
Features two cup holders and convenient tray designed to secure to the back of your car’s front seat. Gives riders a place to hold drinks, snacks, video games, etc.
Easily folds up when not in use.

Measures Approx. 13.5" wide by 8" deep. When opened 8" tall.  When closed 1.5" thick.

Multiple cup holders, storage pocket and side hooks.

Attaches easily to seat with an adjustable strap.

Great for those long road trips or to keep the kiddies organized.

Strong Impact Resistant Plastic design with snap shut closure

Mails right away from the USA